is one of the largest content portals in Russia, providing both news and entertainment.

THE CHALLENGE wanted to scale their business and increase revenues, while maintaining overall user experience on their site.


MediaShakers provided the ImagiNative ad unit that was placed on selected articles across the site. Throughout the initial process, MediaShakers' and's teams stayed in close contact to ensure a smooth implementation.


The ImagiNative ad unit created a new additional revenue stream for and increased the site's overall revenues, without compromising user experience. The ad unit presented visitors with the most relevant offers, according to contextual analysis of the article in which it was placed, thus improving user experience. In just 4 months ImagiNative delivered 9 million monthly impressions, and within 6 months it grew to almost 13 million- with no sign of slowing down!

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What is ImagiNative?

ImagiNative is a premium in-image ad unit that uses contextual analysis that scans the page it's on. It automatically delivers relevant and engaging content that is embedded in images throughout the site. Ads are selected according to targeted users' preferences, thus the most interesting and relevant offer is displayed per individual. This creates a unique and engaging experience for every user. With their highly targeted offers, visually appealing creatives and the customized experience they provide, ImagiNative ads generate approximately 15% more ad impressions and create a new additional revenue stream. They also improve user experience, thanks to the highly engaging content they deliver.




Launched in 2004, is one of the biggest entertainment portals in Russia, delivering news and viral user-generated content. is a unique site where the readers are also the writers. The site's Alexa traffic rank is 983 worldwide and 101 in Russia, with more than 100 million monthly visitors.



MediaShakers was asked to generate top-quality and relevant leads to create new potential members for Go-active's gyms.

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MediaShakers worked hand in hand with Blinq and drilled down to the smallest details to deliver exceptional results in the exact time they needed them.

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